Multidisciplinary clinic, neurodevelopment, educational neuroscience, and therapeutic intervention.

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As part of our dedication to the development of children and adolescents, Fundación Querer provides specific therapeutic and educational assistance.

We carry out an intervention with doctors, therapists, and trained teachers to ensure that each kid and their family receives the best care possible.

We attend to any issue, disorder, or pathology that arises at this stage of development with the advantage of a multidisciplinary and coordinated type of management.

Furthermore, because we understand the importance of families and schools, we provide aid and training to both the family and the school so that we can learn and work together.

The team

Our clinic sees any child or teenager who is experiencing emotional distress as well as personal, social, or academic difficulties.

We have a very competent team with a lot of experience working with kids and teenagers. Experts in pediatrics, neurology, neuropsychology, psychiatry, psychology, speech therapy, and occupational therapy make up our team.


Rafael Timermans
Rafael TimermansMedical Director of the Multidisciplinary Clinic. Family Physician and Occupational Health Physician.
Sara Herrero
Sara HerreroDirector of the Multidisciplinary Clinic and Early Intervention Center. Neuropsychologist.

Trabajadora social

Cristina Herencia
Cristina HerenciaSocial Worker


Pilar Serrano
Pilar SerranoAdministration


Antonio Gil-Nagel
Antonio Gil-NagelPediatric Neurologist
Noelia Moreno
Noelia MorenoPediatric Neurologist
Iria Rodríguez
Iria RodríguezChild Psychiatrist. ADOS-2 Accreditation for Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis.
Andrés Bodas
Andrés BodasPediatrician. Expert in Nutrition and Microbiota

Therapeutic team

Irene PascualNeuropsychologist. ADOS-2 Accreditation for Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis.
Antonella Timarchi
Antonella TimarchiBilingual English Spanish. Specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy.
Bárbara Pérez.
Bárbara Pérez.Neuropsychologist and child/adolescent Psychologist. Specialization in Neurodevelopmental Disorders.
Luis Rojas. Logopeda
Luis Rojas. LogopedaSpeech Therapist. Specialization in children with Special Needs.
Reyes González
Reyes GonzálezSpeech Therapist. Specialization in Developmental and Learning Disorders.
Lucía Cerra
Lucía CerraPediatric Physiotherapist. Specialization in hydrotherapy and neurological physiotherapy.
Andrea Lasheras
Andrea LasherasOccupational Therapist. Expert in Sensory Integration
Laura Plaza
Laura PlazaExpert in Psychodiagnosis and Early Intervention. Specialization in Dyslexia and Literacy.
Paloma Lafuente
Paloma LafuenteBilingual English-Spanish speech and language therapist Sign Language Interpreter. Specialization in AAIS Training (autism spectrum disorders).
Ana Villarrubia
Ana VillarrubiaFamily Psychologist

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