The Fundación Querer is a non-profit organization committed solely to education, scientific research, and raising awareness of children and adolescents with neurological diseases. These children, together with their family, face issues of inclusion, social integration, and societal stigma. Furthermore, they face a lack of empathy from authorities as well as a lack of finance for both therapies and treatments.

We are a small foundation with minimal resources that has been audited by Deloitte, but we have a huge dream: to investigate ways to build a more inclusive society for thousands of children and adolescents who have been left behind owing to a lack of interest and clear regulations that allow them to live a happy life.

This is why we invite all individuals who, for various reasons, can or wish to gift a portion of their inheritance to consider the Fundación Querer as a tool for the betterment of society and all its members. A pledge to education and neuroeducation, scientific research, genetics, and neurodevelopment. Therapies are exceedingly expensive, and clinical trials are almost entirely funded by private funds. Every child is entitled to an opportunity.

Thank you for your generosity and trust 

If you are willing to assist us, please complete out the form and bring it to your notary.

The notaries at Gil de Antuano y Fernández-Montes offer free advice throughout the entire process if you have any concerns.

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