Educational therapy in English

Our multidisciplinary team provides English teachers who specialize in specific educational needs, often known as Educational Therapy in English.

This intervention is delivered individually and attempts to give kids skills and techniques for identifying their learning style as well as relying on their own resources and talents.

How does Educational Therapy differ from Extracurricular Support

Extracurricular support sessions are often focused on the student’s textbooks because they reinforce the academic content that the student learns at school. Children who get extracurricular support do not have substantial understanding problems, but their rate of knowledge acquisition is usually quite slow, and they struggle to analyze, memorize, and generalize the content on their own.

Educational therapy, on the other hand, is indicated for children who have difficulty absorbing English spoken and/or written information, as well as integrating general concepts. These sessions are frequently given to children who have special educational needs.  The educational therapist’s responsibility is to identify the source of the learning barrier and build an intervention plan tailored to the child’s specific requirements.

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