Project Name Therapeutic Football
Project Duration July 2021 – November 2022
Project Leadership Prof. EF Daniel Barroso
National ATM Coach: Alberto Ortega
Dr. Rafael Timermans

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Justification and Beneficiaries

Children with neurological illnesses frequently suffer motor, physical, and cognitive deficits as a result of their disease.

Various studies suggest the health benefits of sports, so we chose football in our circumstance. Together with the Atlético de Madrid Foundation, we have been implementing a program called Therapeutical Football since 2018, in which we have demonstrated how, through certain methodologies, children with neurological disorders can develop essential skills for their development in a playful and funny way.

Sport and the game of soccer, with their rules, allow us to work on issues such as:

  • Concentration ability

  • Capability to comprehend

  • Understanding of body parts

  • Ability to explore and manage space

  • Error and frustration management capability

  • Self-awareness ability

  • Decision-making reinforcement

The project coordinators are Daniel Barroso, a P.E. teacher with extensive experience and training in physical-sports activities and inclusion of people with disabilities; Alberto Ortega, a national soccer coach belonging to the Atlético de Madrid Foundation who develops, implements, and adapts the specific training methodology to the objectives that we want to achieve with our children; and Rafael Timermans, a doctor who evaluates a series of clinical body patterns related to physical body development.

All of the students from “El Cole de Celia y Pepe” participate in this wonderful initiative.

Purpose / working hypothesis

General Objective:

To develop a therapeutic football program that fosters social integration, enhances upper and lower body coordination, strengthens leg muscles, improves visual and physical coordination, and promotes brain oxygenation. Additionally, we aim to enhance linguistic interaction among the boys and girls of Fundación Querer who are enrolled in our school and face language difficulties stemming from diseases or neurological disorders.


This project’s implementation cost is €36,000, which includes:

  • sports intervention execution
  • supplies required

Collected today: €0

Need to complete: €36,000

Many of the project’s specialists are offering their time. We can also rely on the dedication of the Atlético de Madrid Foundation, who donated a mini soccer field to our school and provides us with national coaching.


Annexed documents

Management and progress

The project is subject to ongoing assessment by the school’s physical education teachers. Additionally, Dr. Timermans meticulously collects essential data from the children to monitor their progress throughout the school year


  • September–October 2021: Evaluation of the children’s abilities and establishment of individual goals.
  • October 2021: Commencement of exercises and techniques, ongoing throughout the course.