Support groups for mothers and fathers

Family is the most important thing when it comes to taking care of and protecting children.

When a child is diagnosed with a handicap or learning challenge, the family may experience emotional discomfort. Families must go through a period of readjustment between the expectations that have been built and their connection to reality.

The family must adapt to new routines and tasks, become acquainted with unfamiliar phrases, form new habits, and persuade relatives that there is a special situation that necessitates a different approach.

The support group’s objectives are:

What can we offer?

Provide guidance for decision-making and resource discovery by sharing results from similar experiences.

Training to foster strong, healthy, innovative, and solution-oriented family relationships through talks on relevant issues and family requests.s.

Mutual support, through family support groups, establishing spaces where feelings and experiences are not private (viewed as an individual problem) and are valuable for oneself and others.

Gatherings where members of the group can discuss their experiences and interests.


At the headquarters of Fundación Querer, c/Sopelana 5, 28023 Madrid, or online.



15€ for singles

20€ for couples