Let’s help the school “El Cole de Celia y Pepe

Visit the website at https://www.unclicparaelcole.es/

Buy as normal, and Amazon will donate 2.5% of your purchases to “El Cole de Celia y Pepe” as a virtual credit at no extra cost to you.

Success depends on your participation, and it does not cost you anything. Join up!

Let’s help the “Cole de Celia y Pepe”

Visit de website http://bit.ly/unclicparaelcole to participate in Amazon’s initiative to support our educational centers for free.
Amazon will give a percentage of your purchases in the form of virtual credit that may be used to order items for the center.

Success depends on your participation and it doesn’t cost you anything.
Join up!

  • It’s 100% free.
  • Purchases made through this link will help Celia and Pepe’s school.
  • When you buy something from Amazon, 2.5% of the price goes to the school you choose.
  • Celia and Pepe’s school will be able to pick out the things they need.